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Fsx default b737-800 problem


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(You said 120KIAS in post 22.)

What I did was accelerate to 120 exactly, and maintain that speed.

The would not rotate at 120.

The plane I used I copied into fsx today. From my FSX backup of default files that I made just after installing FSX. Not a single edit to it.



Your fuel is at 20% always? Those must be very short flights you do.

(either that or you edited something like fuel_flow_scalar)


Can we please stick to explaining a basic normal takeoff?

The person that started this thread needs advice on that. Not on how to do the most extreme things.

First learn the basics. Then try variations.

Never the other way around.



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Default 737, full load, 5 degrees flap got off the ground just after 125. Plenty of runway left. Not saying this is particularly accurate model, but for the OP says it all.


I would normally use a couple clicks on the flappies in this and the default Airbus 321, which takes off even earlier with full load.


Just my two penneth.

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No it's only the default 737- I may have pressed the wrong button- the one that says APP- thinking this was the autopilot button.


That 'splains it! Hit the cmd button (master A/P on/off).

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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Fly the default any way you want. Flaps, no flaps, etc.


If you get the ultra realistic PMDG 737, then you’ll have to learn all the realistic flight stuff..

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