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Should I buy fsxsteam or go to par3d HELP


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Right now I am confused where Our beloved flight sim is going????? Win10 due out this winter goodbye support for win7? Starting to build new machine. Would like to know where to go with money as far as flight sim????




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Let's say money is no object and you fit one of the P3D license requirements:


1) P3D has been in new development longer, so further ahead of the steam version.

2) P3D has been targeting DX11 and has made progress in moving some graphics processes and effects onto the G-card.

3) Since both the Steam and p3D are under development, there are bugs introduced and fixed with each update.

4) Faster? Speed in FSX (all versions) is SO dependent on users settings, expectations and VASTLY different hardware, there is no easy way to compare results. From my reading and research, ALL the versions are about the same frame rates given the same general hardware, add-ons and SKILL of the user.

5) BOTH currently have lower add-on compatibility than the MS boxed and this state is in constant flux.


Your assessment that Win7 support will end with the next OS release is OVER PESSIMISTIC by many years.


So, now you just need to compare the license and price.



See this other active thread on the same topic where the many pros and cons have been discussed into the ground:




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