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Yes but do not extract directly into your \SimObjects\Airplanes folder. Use a named Temp folder to extract.


Extract the .zip to a Temporary folder (name it something you will recognise as the aircraft you downloaded) then see what's inside, and any readme file describing the installation procedure. Follow the instructions, some packages have not only the Aircraft xyz\Model\Panel\Sound + .cfg + .air files & folders, which go into the \SimObjects\Airplanes folder, but may also have separate folders for additional \Effects or \Gauges these must go in the \Effects & \Gauges folders respectively. (Use the Copy/Paste method)


Sometimes the extracted package will have an auto-installer .exe , you do not, or should not need to install directly into FSX, (these auto-installers are often not dependant on having FSX installed) but for safety you can install these into a Temp folder then examine what files and where these files & folders want to install, using the example above. (I do this routinely when an auto-installer is offered because it saves the hassle where Overwriting \Effects\Textures \Gauges may occur.


I also do not use any scenery or aircraft uninstaller, they are notorious for removing files needed by existing aircraft or downloaded/installed packages.

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