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Hi I am a new member and have been a flight simmer on and off for a few years.


I am running Windows 10 and recently had a Update which caused a problem with my Computer in as

much that the update froze the system and after this I lost the use of my shortcut Icon on my desk top

for FSX. From there on I was unable to load FSX and so I then went for the repair option by loading the

FSX Disc 1. Unfortunately this didn't seem to work and i decided (Whether right or wrong) to unistall FSX

and then reload again.

It appear to load ok however I don't now get a desktop Icon and unable to find how to load FSX.


The system that I am running is Novatech IConquer gaming PC V2 I5 2500k iTB 8GB

Windows 10 64-bit,Intelcore i5-2500k CPU @3.30Ghz 9.0GBRam,Nvidia Geforce GTX550TI

purchased April 2012

I am not by any means a Computer genius but if anybody has ideas how I can recover FSX it would be appreciated


Thanks Vimy

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Hi Vimy,


Welcome to the forum...


You will find the file to run FSX in the root folder where you installed FSX to - by default the install location is at C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Flight Simulator X


Look for a file named FSX.exe - double left click on this to start FSX.


If FSX fails to run/load, right click on the FSX.exe - a menu list will appear. Select the Run As Administrator option and see if FSX runs.


Once FSX is running, load the default flight and fly for about 2-3 mins and then exit FSX. This will allow some essential required files, such as the main FSX.cfg, logbook.BIN and 'live' Scenery.cfg, to be created - these files are not present until you have successfully ran/exited the sim after its initial install.


Once you are happy that FSX is working correctly you can then go back the location of the FSX.exe file, right click on it and select the Send To > Desktop (create shortcut) option. This will place a desktop icon onto your desktop that you can then use to run FSX.


If FSX ran using the Run As Admin option you can then right click on the desktop icon and select Properties from the resulting menu. This will open a new window - click on the Compatibility Tab and then click on the box located to the left of the Run this program as an administrator statement. Click Apply. This will set FSX to run in Admin mode each time your start it.




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Thanks all for your help and have managed to get FSX running again,only now

have a few issues with add on aircraft that appear in my hangar and when you click to load they then only appear in part form say just undercarriage, Pilot or windshield, so not sure whether to uninstall these and possibly re install?

Regards Vimy

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I assume from your comments that this issue is solely related to 3rd party addons. This is probably as a result of the update problems you mentioned in your OP and is likely due to some registry issue - especially if the addon was installed using a auto-installer or is payware. If so uninstall them, reboot and then try a reinstall - you can probably delete all of the troublesome aircraft at the same time but when you reinstall them do it ONE item at a time - do a test of FSX after each install.


If they are default aircraft then you can try a repair first. If that doesn't work then your only recourse may be to uninstall/reinstall FSX.


As to the Windows update problem - a tip for that might help you avoid the issue.


For most Win 10 users the first indication that they have received an update is when the come to shutdown the PC - you will normally see two options in the menu list - Update and Shutdown or Update and Restart. Which of these options you select has an impact on how the update is installed.


Generally, in basic terms of how they are implemented, updates fall into 2 categories - those that require to 'write' (i.e. save) changes to the windows registry and/or system/application files and those that don't. Many Win updates fall into the first category. In addition, some updates may also be dependant on the successful installation of another update released as part of the same update cycle before itself can be installed.


This, IME/IMO is were the problem lies, because most users will select the Update and Shutdown option. Selecting this usually results in a partially install of ALL of the updates before the system shuts down. This can result in the important information outlined above not being saved. On restart, the OS then attempts to complete the update process, sometimes unsuccessfully especially where other updates are dependant on the successful install of other updates in the same update package.


However, if you use the Update and Restart option, the updater will install all of the updates in a orderly manner (usually restarting a few times as it processes the updates) before finally finishing the updates and presenting the logon screen.


Another option is, when you are going to shutdown and there are Update options available is to check the Notifications, All Settings, Update and Security tab. If there are any updates that require either a restart or are listed Pending Install (an indication that the update in question is reliant on one of the other updates to be successfully installed before it itself can be installed) they will be displayed here and there will be a RED Restart Now button. You can use this button to initiate the update. If there are no updates that require a restart the list will be empty and the RED button will not be present - in this case you can safely use the Update and Shutdown option.




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Seems to me that I had a similar problem with aircraft parts disappearing and it was caused by in "Settings Display" options, I had selected the "Preview Direct X10". Maybe you did the same?
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Jorgen's right, Steve's DX10 Fixer works very well indeed, here's an example:




Hopefully you can see the cloud shadows on the landscape, and some patches of sunlight on the instrument panel. That big post in the foreground is a TV transmitter, one of several local landmarks I've installed or ported over from FS2004. This one would only show the white transmitter parts at the top, the tower part was invisible which looked weird. I converted the textures from DXT1.bmp to DXT1.dds and the tower now appears as it should. DX10 Fixer also gives slightly better frame rates too, I'll never go back to DX9 mode now.

Tim Wright "The older I get, the better I was..."

Xbox Series X, Asus Prime H510M-K, Intel Core i5-11400F 4.40GHz, 16Gb DDR4 3200, 2TB WD Black NVME SSD, 1TB Samsung SATA SSD

NVidia RTX3060 Ti 8Gb, Logitech Flight Yoke System, CH Pro Pedals, Acer K272HL 27", Windows 11 Home x64

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Thanks Brian and sorry for late reply


Yes it was 3rd Party addons,I have uninstalled and re installed and re booted my system and so

far they seem to be running now ok.

Also appreciate your tips on "Updates" on Windows 10


Thanks again

BR Colin (Vimy)

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