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Request for Guidance on a fixed simulator


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Hey there,


I'm the network admin at a High School that has a budding aviation program. We just inherited a fixed flight simulator (I think it'd be called that, it doesn't move, but it's got a full cockpit mockup). It appears to have been made by Paradigm Flight Simulation, which is a defunct company (I'd expect that the flight school donated it to us because the vendor stopped answering the phone)


Anyway, I've been tasked to get it setup, and since there's no documentation, I figured I would start by identifying everything I can.

Here's what I know -

It's running Prepar3d as the simulator.

There's a second computer, running flight1tech's vispro Virtual Instructor Station. It's also running what's a mystery to me.

There's an application called simweb, it runs on apache tomcat, and it appears to go out of two vga cables to drive what I only assume are two lcds in the cockpit, to provide virtual instruments (There were three, I think it was airspeed, altimeter, and an attitude indicator)


I can't tell if this simweb is something that Paradigm made, or if it's part of something else. Does anyone have any thoughts on the matter?

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That helps some. Through articles written about the company, I now know it's a SR20/22 simulator, which is something.

No luck so far finding anything about the founders, but I wasn't expecting success there.


The linked article suggests that the cockpit is doing more than just passing inputs and outputs around, which is useful to know.


Searching around here, I see some references to simweb, but it seems to be another defunct project.

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