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Basler BT-67 Fuel Transfer Problem


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My story: Had the Gold Edition of FSX on Vista, ran fine, got Win 7, stopped working. I stopped flying for about 3 years, got a new Laptop, Win8 SP2.

Lost my original copy, so I got the New Steam Edition FSX, got all my old Aircraft from my old PC (which I saved, just in case).

So I'm now running my Basler BT-67 on Win-8.


Now I can't transfer fuel from my auxilary and tip tanks to the main tanks (the engines can only draw fuel from them). I followed all the instructions, still it doesn't work. (INBD/WING selected, Fuel Trans Pumps on)

Even weirder even; when I look at the dynamic kneeboard it shows that fuel is being transferred, but the levels in the tanks don't change. The tanks run dry.

Is this a Win 8 or Steam Edition specific problem?


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Only way to know is if you provide a link to the exact aircraft so someone else can try it.


The other person running the test will probably need the EXACT steps you used to replicate the problem.


Definitely NOT a Windows problem.


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Did anybody figure this out. Am having the same problem in p3d v4.


I just tried this in FSX and started the flight with 10% in both main tanks and the rest at 100%. In my screenshot it shows the fuel xfer taking place and in the circled area the main tanks are increasing in lbs of fuel as the transfer takes place. Looks like it's working as advertised.


Basler fuel xfer.JPG

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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