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Screen O Matic for FSX


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I'll also come down on the side of FRAPs for recording game video. I use it for everything - it rarely has a performance hit, and when it does it's usually because I've ticked the wrong option and opted to record at 30FPS...


Beware that if recording full-screen windows with FRAPs, it doesn't compress on the fly, so you can end up with very large files. I have a second hard drive that's used primarily for it...

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My advice with Fraps is to record at the rate that's closest to the average frame rate you get in FS while recording. I record at 30 with no perceptible performance hit.

Of course in true deceptive form, I purposely set up FS to minimize unwanted data and maximize what I want to portray for the recording.


Take note all you "I don't get the frame rates in the YouTube videos" crowd.

Since these videos don't have frame rate displays in them, you have NO IDEA what the recorded frame rate is. All you know is there were no stutters which is the REAL OBJECT in setting up FSX properly.


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I recorded this last night with Fraps. It's 11:53 long, at 1920x1080. Fraps spat out a 24GB file for it. I then used Handbrake to do a quick compression pass on it (I normally use Adobe Premier but I did it via remote desktop from my mobile, so HB was easier to use) and got it down to 303MB...


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