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New FS9 scenery

Roger Wensley

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I am out of photos of all the airfields I have ever visited in Canada, Alaska, England, West Indies, Idaho, and even Cyprus. Plus download numbers have been sagging with disinterest. Plus I seem to be bored with it all too. So if someone has a cute local airfield and a camera (not an airport, I never flew to airports and never made scenery of them) and can stimulate my interest then let me know. Maybe it is a passing phase. Or maybe not.
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Hi Roger,

Thanks for all your scenery add-ons.

I'm using a lot of your airfields in my Alaska only install, & they really liven up the scenery.

Dont be disheartened, with the lack of downloads, it's certainly not due to disinterest.


Simming is different things to different folk, & as your airfields for Alaska are obviously unique, they are a little bit niche to some of us.


We all realise that interest in FS2004 is very much slowing down, but there are many of us that still use it, for various reasons, and, even though we mostly do not show our appreciation, we do value the support that developers such as yourself still give us.


Yes, boredom is an enemy(!), Sometimes we just need a bit of a coffee break or 2,


Hopefully, this is temporary, & I'm sure that I speak for the many 'silent types' here, when I say that we hope to see you soon.


All the best regards,


Cape Town, South Africa.


Cape Town, South Africa

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hello! I have something that you may enjoy, though photos are out of the question from me, as I live on the opposite side of the country, but have you ever thought about making an actual boeing field? we have FlyTampa Seattle, but that is all. we are missing Boeing field, Renton, and Paine, which is now a commercial airport for Alaska Airlines! any of these would be a great addition, and a realistic boeing field approaching Seattle would be an awesome experience!

This is just a suggestion, but I think it is time that FS9 get a proper boeing field makeover!

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Hello Roger.

I'll see if I can find my photos (from the air) of Hinckley Airfield; 0C2 in Hinckley, Illinois.

It's a small grass strip field with a few hangers for GA, as well as the local soaring club. Real "grass roots" feel on the field and within the patrons.

I've spent many a day there flying with friends (the manager/proprietor is a retired AAL Check Airman), many of them current or retired Airline captains, as well as the many cookouts. My closest friend built his Sonex 2-seater there, and has now just passed his twin-engine rating - on his way to the big leagues!

I'll see if I can locate pics and spark any interest.


Thanks very much,



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