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FSX.cfg : [USERINTERFACE] entries Documentation


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Iam looking for the documentation describing all the possible entriesin the fsx.cfg file.


In particular the [uSERINTERFACE] section. Within a Mission some of the sub-Menu are not active by default.

I need the entry to activate, the “Fuel and Payload” sub-Menu, underAircraft.


Iwas able to activate the “Flight Video” , under Options, byadding:


to the




I was also able to activate the "Flight Planner" sub-Menu, by selecting “Enable changes in selected Mission(no rewards given)" on the Mission Panel.


If someone could point me to the documentation for the FSX.CFG file entries and the the different XML Tag used for describing the Mission.xml file, I would be very grateful

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So, whittling down your question to simpler form....You wish to make changes in your Missions, which are greyed out?


Just checkmark the little box at the bottom of the Missions page to allow any changes to be made.



Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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Thanks for the quick answer. The suggestion is fine to get the "Flight Planner" and the "Fuel and Payload", but I still can't access the "Flight Video", under the Option Menu. I thought adding :


AllowFlightVideoInMissions=1" in the [uSERINTERFACE] section of the fsx.cfg file would do the trick, but no.


I got it working somehow, by playing around, in one of the Mission, but I can't figure out what is the difference between that one and the over 100+ others that I created and where the option is greyed out ?


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