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Help: Control issues in X-Plane 11


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Hi All,


I recently bit the bullet and went all out on getting myself set up on X-Plane 11. I purchased a Logitech Saitek Pro Flight Yoke, Quadrant and Rudder Pedals along with some of the instruments.


I purchased X-Plane 11 and had a bit of a play around before installing some addons to make it look a bit better which had been advised by others in posts I had seen.


However, when I am flying a Cessna 172 (the default one), it flies erratically as if I am being absolutely battered by winds - but I have winds completely turned off. I won't be touching any of the controls, even on the ground, and yet you can see the yoke just moving around forward / back, even left to right, not excessively just slightly. It does it whether winds are off or on! In flight, this movement makes the aircraft very difficult to control.


Thank you!

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If you have XP11.26 and above you have an adjustment called Edit response curve under each axis that will allow you to decrease / change the the response around the center. Grab the yellow point and adjust that point to see if it helps. You can also change the value on the Y axis from 100% to something like 50-60 but it a last resort attempt.

If that is not sufficient, or you have an older version, you can do the work around where you can do small circles around the center when the calibration asks you to keep the controls centered. See some more info on some posts here that may help, from flytv1.

Also make sure you turn Off the Thermals.

In addition make sure no other axis is assigned to the same function.

The flight model / dynamics in the 172, and most of the LR acft, is not very good to begin with, you may want to try the B58 and see if that helps.

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did you buy Xplane and all that stuff just now? So without ever using/owning a flight sim before?


If so, disconnect everything except one joystick.

Use that to play Xplane for a while. You will probably have to calibrate the joystick. Then go fly for at least a couple of days, but better a couple of weeks. Getting used to the X plane menu's and to the joystick.


Once you know your way around try adding another device.

Again fly around trying out and getting to know the new setup for a few weeks.


So "baby steps" and "every journey started with the first small step" kind of advice from me.:D


This way you will get to know each of those hardware components individually. Wu will then probably also be able to figure out how to make them work together.


Of course you are always welcome to ask if some component is difficult to set up. With only one or two components in the question it will then also be more easy to give a good solid answer.


Welcome to the Forum, and Happy Flights!:D

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