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Real Virtual Pilot Life


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I've been tinkering with creating an open world concept for virtual flying. I will be a character, namely myself. And create flights based upon experience levels Etc. Start out flying Cessnas and flying short routes, and then building up all the way to commercial airline pilot, whatever. The main difference between that and being a virtual airline pilot is that the story is dictated by my own geography, sense of purpose, ambitions, love life, professional life, real life , Etc. I'm talkin about literally creating a virtual pilot life that is played out in real time to some degree.. Has anyone done this? It's a very creative concept and I'm not sure how to even measure or gauge progress, but it seems like it would keep things interesting for a long time. Maybe start out flying small planes and build up money/experience points enough to lease/buy twin engines etc etc all the way up...cargo routes commercial pilot etc..... Has anyone played with this concept? Does anybody have a good model that works? This might be old news, but just thought of it recently.



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I've done that with FSPassengers in career mode. I started in 2006 as a regional air taxi with a Piper Cherokee and finished just last year as an international airline with a whole fleet of heavies - every flight done in real time with no time compression - a 12 year career in which I changed PC's several times, and flight sim three times - FS9 to FSX, back to FS9 and back again to FSX. I'm still using FSPassengers and have just clocked my 1,000th hour.

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