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Heading for the Boneyard

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In this series of shots an MD80 flies over desert terrain on a late afternoon "sunset" final into Kingman, Arizona (KIGM). Kingman is the site of one of several aircraft "boneyards" in the desert southwest where surplus airplanes are stored. The dry climate and low humidity prevents corrosion while the planes await their fate.


The airplane is a former Iberia Airlines and has the familiar Iberia purple, red, and orange stripe livery but the Iberia markings have been painted out and the airplane has a new U.S. registration. After being put in storage if a new company doesn't come along to buy or lease it the airplane will most likely be parted out or scrapped.


Adios amigo! Thanks for your service


This is the Rotate MD80 for xPlane 11 and the default xPlane 11 KIGM scenery


[click on the images for a full screen view]



















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