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pulling back on stick not working, kinda


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i downloaded a nice plane from here http://simviation.com/1/search?submit=1&keywords=edge+540+&categoryId=


the 3rd one, Zivko Edge 540 for FSX (Category: FSX > Props)


it looks great but i'm having a problem flying it. when i pull back on the sick, it starts to pull up normally for about 1/2 sec, then the pulling up just dies, as it i've let go the stick. then my speed drops to 80 or so. i can get it up to 180kts or so and pull back to do a loop, and the nose goes up 30 degrees or so then the speed falls and nothing. same on a sharp banking turn.


its nothing to do with the hardware, the stick is fine on other planes.


i checked there is no fuel in the wing tanks as required on the edge 540 for aero


any ideas? am i flying it wrong or is there some kind of bug?



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No problemo, I just downloaded it and it works fine PROVIDED you remember to be gentle on the stick or nanny will be cross..:)

By yanking back the stick you're power-stalling the machine just like a real plane, so try instead to coax it through the sky. Here's mine in action-



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I've not flown that one, but Scatterbrain's post indicates it's not the aircraft. Real aircraft don't take kindly to abrupt yanking on the controls, and aircraft such as Extra, Pitts, etc. react to extremely light pressures on the controls, almost to breathing hard. Of course there are FS sim models that almost require it (ugh) but not all do.


So try adding back pressure (not pulling), or forward pressure (not pushing) to the stick. It's a different mind set.


Larry N.

As Skylab would say:

Remember: Aviation is NOT an exact Science!

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