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Dual HD question.

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I'm currently using two separate computers to run FS9 and FSX and I'd like to consolidate everything on to one system. I'm running Windows 10 on the newer system and XP on the other. I've only recently purchased FS9 and a lot of my addons are designed for FS9 on XP. Frankly I haven't had much success with FSX! So as far as I know I've got a couple of options:


1. Partition the HDD on the new system and clean install XP on a dual boot system.


2. Transfer the XP HDD in its entirety into the new computer.


3. Run my FS9/XP addons in FSX.


There are pros and cons to each of these options although I'm not really sure which is the most viable. Does anyone have any constructive thoughts on this?





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Greetings All,


I believe that the reason XP was specified is because it was the most advanced (?) version of the OS at the time. As with Luke I'm running Windows 10 and haven't had an issue with FSX, FSX:SE or any of the P3D versions




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