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Darren is correct, HJG has a few. Also, Simviation has a large selection of panels. Here is one that I use on one of my DC10's. Panel by Phillipe Wallaert, panel cfg, says it is for MD11. You just have to make sure you are downloading a 3 engine panel. I like Wallaert's work!




Good luck, I like the DC-10's and MD-11's !


Rick :cool:

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Okay, on the Simviation site, look for FS2004 panels, page 35, there is an MD11 panel, 2.64MB in size, by designer Silva. MD11 panels will work for DC10 and vice versa! That would be a start.


Got to thinking about HJG, and I'm not for certain, you can just download their panels for some other aircraft download, Maybe? I have always downloaded their aircraft, and use one of my favorite panels for their aircraft.


Good luck! Rick :cool:

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Just some important (but not necessarily generally appreciated) details concerning the HJG DC-10 simulations ....


If anyone sais .... "I'm looking for a DC-10 panel" .... then it's also wise to state precisely what simulation one intends to use these with.


Not all panels will work harmoniously with all other available simulations .... and that's regardless of aircraft type.


"IF" .... this's a case of someone seeking an alternative panel for the HJG DC-10 simulations, then, one must be aware that the active FDE, supplied within each HJG DC-10 aircraft base pack, will result in some features of other/alternative DC-10 panels "NOT" working .... and that's assured .... since the HJG DC-10 panels are aircraft type specific (and vary accordingly) and are intended for use with its own simulations.


However .... HJG have anticipated this though in the case of it's own DC-10 simulations.


"IF" one's using the HJG DC-10 simulations .... but .... opts "NOT" to use the HJG supplied DC-10 panels .... and instead opts to use alternative DC-10 panel versions .... then .... they must repace the active FDE (both CFG and AIR data) within each aircraft base pack using the alternative FDE suite (again both CFG and AIR data) supplied by HJG and for this purpose.


This alternative FDE is contained within a folder named "NO HJG PANEL" and which accompanies each HJG supplied DC-10 base pack.


In this particular case .... simply remove the active FDE suite provided by HJG .... and replace it with the alternative FDE suite also provided by HJG (the "NO HJG PANEL" supplied data) .... then add one's FLTSIM.XX texture data to the alternative CFG.FILE .... and one should then be able to use "any other" alternative DC-10 panel with the HJG simulations with little or no impediment/s.


PLEASE NOTE: HJG FDE's .... by virtue of the way they are compiled for HJG panel compatibility/interactivity (again HJG files are aircraft type/version specific and must be applied correctly) .... can only be used faultlessly with HJG supplied panel and sound pack options.


This information is stated within HJG panel manuals and elsewhere on its forum.


ALSO .... if using a non-HJG supplied panels with any HJG supplied simulations .... then .... one also needs to accept that HJG is unable to provide in-depth technical support for whatever alternative files may be employed by virtue of the fact these files are not produced by it/the group.


Mark C

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