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I Left My Heart (on Runway 10L) in San Francisco

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Here are some XP11 twilight shots of a World Traffic 3 AI Southwest 737 on the RNAV Runway 10L approach into San Francisco (KSFO).


[Click on the images for a full screen view]


Descending over the Pacific with the tall buildings of downtown San Francisco and the lights on the Golden Gate and Bay bridges in the background


GG Bridge.jpg


Crossing the coast with gear down over the busy traffic on California SR1 looking south towards Pedro Point in the background




Course correction to line up 10L




On course with the lights of the San Mateo bridge stretching off to the left in the distance beyond the runways




On short final







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Sorry guys but I couldn't resist (with apologies to Tony Bennett) ;)


The loveliness of Paris seems somehow sadly gray

The glory that was Rome is of another day

I've been terribly alone and forgotten in LaGuardia

I'm going home to my city by the Bay


I left my plane in KSFO

Next to a gate, it calls to me

To be where SIDS sent on ACARS, climb halfway to the stars

The morning fog may be below minimums there. I don't care


My plane waits there in KSFO

Beside the blue and windy sea

When I come home to you, KSFO

I’ll contact NORCAL ATC

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Beautiful shots!
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