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Odd Signage in Vintage Brooklands Scenery


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Hello to long-time FS friends who may remember me (EngEd). I'm getting back into FS after a hiatus (complicated story of Apple/MS conflict and no sound on my latest iMac27's Windows split). I've reverted to Wife Dottie's earlier iMac where FS9 works as it should.

I have both VLA (Vintage London Airports) and Brooklands38 loaded, apparently with no conflicts except for odd modern signage in the field (on high posts). It looks more like modern motorway signs. (?)

It persists whether I disarm either of these AddOns. I don't know how these signs got there, as I don't recall them in my earlier FS fooling with this historic scenery.

Any thoughts? Thanks sincerely, Enged.

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Those are default road signs. We edited the terrain.cfg file to get rid of them. Perhaps you used Golden Wings or Silver Wings in your previous setup that probably remove them as well? Anyway, our file (which also removes telephone poles that often interfere with our scenery) is available here:




Hope this helps,

Tom Gibson


CalClassic Propliner Page: http://www.calclassic.com

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Hi, Tom,

Long time, no chat (I've been away with other time-gobbles...)

I performed the terrain mod, and even verified the density=0 ///95 jazz with each entry.

Curiously, the pesky signs still appear.

I made sure that I didn't have two separate FS9s lurking on the system, one with changes, the other not. I initialized with the fs9.exe sharing folder with the revised terrain.

Still the pesky signs.

I tried a new download of VLA and Brooklands38.

Still the pesky signs.

I know I'm overlooking something.... Like I said, it's been a while.

Thanks for insights. -- enged

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Hi, Tom, Again,

This time, I tried the time-honored reboot: I deactivated Brooklands38 and VLA, rebooted, and got the same signs. (There's a funny aspect to all this, because I've actually been to Brooklands (http://wp.me/p2ETap-sk) and KNOW there are no damned motorway signs there.)

Hmm... I haven't tried separate use of VLA or Brooklands38. Talk about time-gobbling. -- enged

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Ha! My problem was purely my own.... Somehow or other, I had set up a Start a Flight for my Miles at Brooklands on some scenery or other. In testing VLA versus Brooklands38, I found they're not geographically compatible. With both active, for reasons I don't pretend to understand, my Start of Flight wasn't really in the grass field of Brooklands proper; it was adjacent to this property--right next to a motorway in some scenery or other. Duh.

I find that VLA alone works best, including with some addon signage and cones used with my Formula 3 Cooper on a Brooklands trial track.

Many thanks, Tom, for your help and for reminding me that FS is a great exercise in logic. And a pleasant way to gobble time. -- enged

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