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ORBX night lighting streets


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I got different streetlights recently. "Streetlight project europe".

I think those look good, but at low level a bit like big blobs also.

Yesterday in inspector added setting for "gamma correction ON.", and a setting below it I set to "line gamma".


That looked much better in flight. Before all lights were slightly blurred, and very orange. After they were better defined, and had varying colours. Some orange, some more whitish. (which I like.)

Haven't tested on ground yet to see if they look smaller there too.


Maybe worth a try



also, while trying setting I noticed that "light bloom" in fsx setting makes then look huge. Almost like forest fires.

If that is on on your pc, try switching off "light bloom".

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Hi again Guys


I have all streetlights set to very small also all set to variation 1

Light bloom is not selected

Still awful >.


Currently have to have FTX_EU_ENG_05_SCENERY disabled, which kind of defeats the object.


As it appears to be in my UK scenery I think I will de/re install see if anything is broken

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