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New PC/ flight sim combo for U.K. IR training


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Hi, forgive me,I'm new here. If there is already a thread that covers this please point me to it.


I'm a uk based flying instructor. Every year I need to revalidate my IR. The schools charge £250/ hr for the sim and£500/ hr for the aircraft. With a couple of hours training plus test it's usually about £2,000 per year to renew. Having an instrument sim at home reduces these costs significantly.


I used to train at home on a 2007 14" Lenovo laptop with fsx and a stick. The combo worked well for a Bournemouth approach. It had its limitations, the RMI never seemed to match the HSI and Oxford ils was never there to be found but hey ho,it was good enough. Anyway after 10 years of abuse the pc gave up.


So now I would like a replacement but I can't work out what to buy.


1)What is the best instrument sim for the south UK? FSx prepar3d, Xplane, others?

2) What do I need to run it? A laptop is attractive for being able to stick in a drawer when the dining table is required for dining, do I need an Alienware £1500 machine or will a £300 windows 10 machine run the panel graphics adequately?


Ideally I want someone to tell me what to buy, but i know the answer always starts with 'it depends...' Sowhat do you all use? What would you buy if you started again?

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FTX True Earth GB South

UK 2000 Bournemouth Extreme

Flight 1 for updated GPS and Navaids - choose the most appropriate for your needs

P3D will require a weather engine - ASP4 or REX Sky Force


You will need others to advise on the choice of PC - I only give advice on a 1-1 basis.

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