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STILL NEW to P3D: 2 EASY questions!


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1. In an earlier thread, I complained about a lack of diversity in the P3D airplanes; specifically, no commercial jetliners. This morning, there was a 737, and I am positive it was not there before. So I checked in the SimObjects/Airplane folder, and noticed several other planes that do not in fact show up in the sim: DeHaviland Beaver, Grumman Goose, maybe others. Upon further investigation, I see that those 2 planes, at least, did not have a panel folder. What gives?


2. In FSX, a common annoyance was that, at high-altitude airports (e.g., KDEN) the default "Fair weather" clouds were on the runway, because they were situated with reference to sea level, not the airport. There was an easy fix for this in FSX (pull down the weather menu and simply click "OK"). P3D has the same problem, but the FSX tweak does not seem to work. Is there a P3D equivalent? Or must I go to user-defined weather and put in the clouds a reasonable distance above ground level? Tedious.


Thanks again all,



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To be honest, you'd be better off with a third-party weather engine. I don't use P3D, but FSX, and in there I use Active Sky 2016 and thus far it's been pretty good. I also added Active Sky Cloud Art.


They do have a version for P3D version 4. https://hifisimtech.com/


As to the sudden appearance of planes in the simobjects folder, I have no idea what to make of that. Do you also have FSX installed by chance? Perhaps there was some unintended cross talk for lack of a better word. :D

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FSX is the same, there are aircraft like the MD11 which have no panel folder. That makes them unusable, but they can appear as AI.


And you need to research whether adding a panel is even possible, or whether there are alternatives in the aftermarket. There are at least seven high quality airliners from aftermarket developers for P3D v4:







Quality Wings



There are many others, but you'll need to look at what meets your requirements.

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