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Cancelling a button assignment in X-Plane


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I need to cancel a joystick button assignment in X-Plane 11 to free it for use with Pilot2ATC.


Assigning the button within Pilot2ATC does not override the X-Plane assignment, and the Edit function in X-Plane allows me to alter the assignment to another X-Plane function, but does not appear to clear the assignment altogether. The manuals - even the more detailed one on settings - are silent on the topic of clearing a button assignment.



What am I missing here? Can someone point me in the right direction?




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Hi Nick.

I am not sure what your goal is, but if you deselect a function / key in XPlane that key / button will no longer be affect the function of the sim, as if it did not exist. In that sense you have achieved what you wanted / needed.

The second issue to resolve is how you would be using that button / key P2ATC? There are way to communicate without using the keys and I assume that is the purpose for your question?

Post here with more details, exact key, function you want implemented and someone may be able to help?

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