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FSX steam: Gear lever jumps up and down


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MY PC is working on WIN.10. I have these add ons:

>Steam Ed.-FTX Trees

>Steam Ed.REX 4 Texture

>Steam Ed.McDonnold Douglas DC10

>Steam Ed. Boeing 747 200/300

>Steam Ed. HD Airport Graphics

What I experience is the aircrfat view changing continuously and the landing gear lever mowing up and down continuously.

Is there any good haerted PC wizard that can help me?

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To win over chaos you must Divide and Conquer:

try to isolate to the problem source...problems are either interference, hardware, software, firmware, or jellyware.


Things I'd check (easiest first)


0. If you have a joystick it could be interfering. You can disable it temporarily with Control+K; see if anything changes.


1. Make sure in FSX-SE.cfg that the [CONTROLS] Controls_Default=Standard and Controls_Current=Standard


2. Default gear toggle is assigned to 'G' key. Remove that assignment and see how the gear behaves. Try a different key assignment.


3. If you have changed any key assignments, make a backup copy of your current standard.xml file located at C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX-SE\Controls\standard.xml then in the controls section click the restore defaults button to reset to initial conditions.

There also should be a fresh copy of standard.xml in your install folder - that's your 'default copy' - hope you haven't messed with it.


4. If you use a wireless keyboard, check or change your batteries; reseat usb wireless key. Try a different keyboard.


5. Temporarily turn off potential sources of radio interference nearby or in house; everything but the computer. See if it changes.


6. You could also try to repair/validate files (I looked for that but couldn't remember where it is/was - could it have been removed from Steam) - If nothing else worked I'd make a backup copy of my install and then try a new install


7. I'd find a new hobby until I was ready to upgrade my gaming rig. I will not reinstall Windows to recover ANY single game.



Hooked since FS4... now flying:

self-built i7-4790 at 4 GHz; GA-Z97X mobo; GTX 970; 16GB gskill;

quiet, fast and cool running.

Win 7/64: 840 EVO OS; 840 EVO (500G) game drive;

Win10/64: 850 EVO (500G) for OS and games

A few Flightsim videos on YouTube at CanyonCorners

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