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I can't seem to find the FSX library files that I am looking for

KrayCott AirCo

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I am trying to find a freeware basic MD-80 in FSX jetliner files, but so far I have only found files adaptable to payware aircraft. For some, money is no object, but I really can't afford to buy payware. But that's not your problem. You can help by telling me where to look for freeware basic md-80 aircraft files so I can add them to my flyable list of FSX aircraft. Any and all help is definitely appreciated


Thank You.

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You might also want to check out the Historical Jetliners Group website - HOME page and DOWNLOADS page.


The have loads of B707 models - both civil and military


On the subject of the HJG B707's/720's and MD-80's/90's.


As is currently being presented on the groups forum .... an FDE update for its B707/720 simulations (civil versions only at this stage) is currently underway .... the first FDE update for these simulations since 2006/7


And similar is also contemplated (a little later) too for some of it's MD-80/90 too.


None of these upgrades are yet downloadable .... so .... don't go looking for them yet, but, they will be announced (of course) when they are available .... although we can't, and don't, commit to time frames in relation to whatever is released.


Mark C

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Further to my last in respect of the HJG B707/720/C-135 offerings ....



VC-137A (original short tail fin/1959 with turbojet engines)



VC-137B (post 1961 modification with extended tail fin, ventral fin, and fanjet engines



VC-137C (final version based on later and large B707/320B/C configuration)




And here's "a few" of the "many other different military versions" represented by HJG ....

















All are supported by custom effects, panels, sounds ....






AIRCRAFT BASE PACKS FDE/3D MODELS/TEXTURE = FS2004 native and FSX portable (separate FDE files apply for FS2004 and FSX application).


PANELS/GAUGES = FS2004 native and FSX portable (separate CFG files apply for FS2004 and FSX application).


SOUND PACKS = FS2004 native (can be used in FSX but not engineereed for compatibilty with this FS version .... further audio advances for FS2004m ans for full FSX compatibity too, are being undertaken for future release).


Refer to my earlier comments (on this thread) I regard to HJG's B707 and MD-80/90 simulations.


Mark C

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There are thousands of free aircraft in the flightsim.com library.

At the top of any page, click file library--advanced search.

Don't use too specific keywords if you're not sure what you are looking for.


About Hjg, be aware those aircraft have no VC.

2d Panel only.


Also, fs2004 versions of the hjg planes have panels that often don't work when used in fsx.

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fs2004 versions of the hjg planes have panels that often don't work when used in fsx


The only panels/simulations currently offered by HJG that aren't FSX portable are the following ....


- ARJ/BAe panels (both versions)

- B737-300/400/500 panel

- CARAVELLE (simulations .... we understand these, including their panels, are FSX portable, but, HJG have never been cleared to market them as such)

- CONCORDE (the entire simulation)

- MD-80/-90 panels (all 4 versions)


The above panels/simulations are inherited projects or projects hosted by consent from other parties .... and have not been modified by HJG for FSX portability.


"ALL" other panels offered by HJG "are" FSX portable and "do" work fine within the FSX platform (as demonstrated by various video demonstrations) .... provided they're installed correctly to start with :)


"ALL" HJG panels are 2D offerings .... with exception of the MERCURE 100 which features a VC. The CONCORDE also features a VC too, but, it's an early generation of this type of panel.


There are certain animations on some HJG offered 3D models (those requiring the like of FS2004 CONCORDE VISOR commands to work some animations .... B707 cargo doors and CV-880, DC-9, and MD-80/90 forward air stairs are all that come to mind) that can't work in FSX .... due to the CONCORDE VISOR command in FSX being compile different from those in FS2004 .... but .... everything else on everything else works fine so far as I'm aware.


There are also a number of HJG offered sound packs which have not, yet, been upgraded for optimum FSX compatibility and these are as follows ....


- B707/B720/C-135 (these sound packs are being converted for FSX optimization at the moment .... with much superior FS2004 and FSX audio planned for release later during 2019)



- CV-880 & CV-990 (these sound packs are being converted for FSX optimization at the moment .... with much superior FS2004 and FSX audio planned for release later during 2019)

- DC-9 (superior FS2004 and FSX audio is planned for future release)

- MD-80/-90.


"ALL" other sound packs are offered by HJG "as separate FS2004 and FSX optimised audio" .... just be sure to select the "FSX" versions (only) for FSX application :)


Mark C

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To add further to Mark's comments....


I have used most of the mil 707 panel variants in FSX with no issues - as indicated they must be installed correctly. Follow the instructions and all should be good...


An alternative 2d panel that I have also used is available in the library here at Flightsim - it is designed by Ken Wigginton specifically for the HJG models.....


the file name is fsx_b707_golding_panel_project.zip


And yet another option for those who want to use a VC with the HJG models is to download either the PAD KC-135 package OR the PAD E-3 package - both available in the library as kc-135_x.zip and e-3d_sentry_x.zip - and alias to the included panels both of which have a custom VC included...….




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Chuck GRIMES also produced "2X" panels for military C-135 type aircraft too .... BUT .... I don't think they're gauges FSX compatible.


HJG's C-135 TYPE panel recommendations are based on it civil B707 TYPE panels .... and "are" FSX portable, but, also need to be used with HJG's own FDE too .... or rather .... used exclusively with the HJG C-135 TYPE simulations or they (the panels) may not function properly at all. There "is" often an inter-relationship between both panels and FDE .... in the case of HJG's own panels.


If anyone needs advice then here's a list of HJG's C-135 TYPE panel assignments .... for it's own C-135 TYPE simulations ....





And in regard to sound packs ....





"IF" .... considering the HJG product, then, it's absolutely vital to ensure the correct panel (and audio) assignments are applied to each simulation .... or .... over or under performances (if one flies by their gauges) issues can/will result.


HJG actually have an FDE upgrade progressing slowly at the moment .... primarily intended for its civil B707/720 simulations, but, which will also benefit it C-135 TYPE line as well. No indications in regard to a release date yet. A lot of work, and testing, still have to be done (each FDE suite is unique to specific aircraft types) .... and is what takes the "time". Progress in regard to this upgrade can be followed here though ....



Mark C

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