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rudder pedals and yoke reversed role all of a sudden FSX-Steam


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Everything was working great. I have FSX-STEAM and several ORBX sceneries. I have a Seitek Rudder and Yoke system (6 mo. old). they have performed flawlessly ever since I had them. I made special assignments for the buttons and the Yoke and Rudder where calibrated to function correctly. this morning I started a flight and I noticed that the rudder pedals did not move the rudder on the AC. then I noticed my toe brakes were not working. I shut down the sim and restartet my computer. then I noticed that the yoke inside the plane was turned completely to the left and the throttle was at max. the lever I use on my throttle quadrant to engage the throttle in the plane was not doing anything when moving it forward and back. the throttle function has now been shifted to the blue lever, that was the prop lever before and the mixture lever was inoperative. when I pushed the left toe brake on my rudder pedal, the yoke inside the plane turned to center and when I pushed the right toe brake it engaged the elevator on the planes yoke.. I went into the settings on the game and I noticed that when clicking on the yoke assignment , it shows the sliders for the rudder pedals and when selecting the rudder pedals it shows the yoke assignments. its backwards...I went to the Steam site and to the property page of FSX. there I went to the page where you check the integrity of the necessary files and did that function, it found 201 files and fixed them. during that check, a window came up telling me about an upgrade to Steam and I clicked ok, to let the sim finish the checking of the files. I startet the game and no change. its still messed up. the sim loads correctly to the default flight I have selected and it even lets me change to another plane and airport. as soon as its done loading the throttle is at max and the plane turns to the left, because the yoke is turned...I can use the mouse to bring the throttle to idle, but I can not steer the plane with my controls. I hope this will help someone to tell me what is going on..thanks!

Windows10 64bit

GeForce GTX 1060

Seagate Hard Drive 1 TB, 750 W Powersply

CPU I7-7700 3.6 GHZ 8 GB RAM

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It is very unlikely that anything is wrong with your yoke, so I would suggest you just go into options/setting/controls and reprogram all of your axes. FSX does this sort of thing from time to time and can be quite unpredictable.


One way of dealing with it is to use FSUIPC, in which case you can un-check the 'enable controllers' option in FSX and manage your axes in FSUIPC. It costs money but it's more reliable. It's also a bit more flexible for programming your axes and a lot more flexible for programming your buttons and keystrokes.




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FSX does this sort of thing from time to time and can be quite unpredictable.





Controller inversion is normally an accidental setting issue. Aside from checking your Axes assignments are allocated correctly I've not had such inversions take place without my own input.

sagamol, you might try checking your FSX controller setup > "Control Axes" tab, doublecheck the X Axis, Y Axis, Z Rotation, Throttle slider, L & R brake axes (Aileron, Elevator, Rudder, Throttle) "Reverse column" perhaps there is a check in those boxes when maybe there should not be, (I'm guessing of course, as you can see I use a Joystick so don't know if yoke and rudderpedals / toebrakes, throttle quad use the reverse inverted option). Either way you will soon know if you need to reverse the axes with a check in that box or not.



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