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P3D Scenery on SSD?


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Significant? Not really but there would be an improvement. Let's put it this way, IMHO, if you already have the SSD - go for it, there will be improvement but I wouldn't go out and buy an SSD just for that.


That said - with the prices on SSD's coming down fast it probably would still be a good idea.



P3D Rig

I7 7700K @ 5.0ghz Asus Maximus X270 16G G.Skill 3600 15-15-15-18 2T EVGARTX2080ti Corsair 1000W PSU 1TB Samsung SSD for P3D - 2 - 256G OCZ Vector SSD - HAF X - Corsiar H100i V2 Liquid Cooler W10 64 Pro.

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If you are buying an SSD and your MB has m.2 slots, go for the nvme protocol. They are a bit more expensive but up to 6 times faster than a sata SSD.


You'll notice the price difference more than any theoretical performance difference.





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