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Hello everyone,


Please help me with a brake problem that I'm having! So the situation is, I fly Fs2004 with the keyboard. And the "period" button is used for breaks, and if you hit control+period together it sets the parking break ect.. So my issue is, I started up Fs2004 yesterday, and was going to fly from Los Angeles to Frankfurt. I was flying a Boeing 747-8. So I'm parked at the gate and every time you start a flight the parking break will be on, and in the bottom left hand corner it always says: "press period to unlock the parking break" or something like that. So I hit the period button and nothing happens, I keep hitting it again and again, and nothing happens. So I just hit control-period, and the parking break unlocks. I push back from the gate, fire up the engines, and then I go to taxi the plane to the runway. I hit the "period" key to slow the plane down to avoid oncoming traffic, AND THE KEY DOESN'T DO ANYTHING! Usually when you hit the break key it will say in the left hand corner "breaks" and the plane will slow down. My Autobreaks don't work, and the period key doesn't work either to put on the breaks for the plane! I've never ever ever had this problem before, and I need someone help! Is there some way to enable and disable using the "period" key as the break key? If this doesn't make sense please let me know. I just want this problem fixed so I can fly my flights again without worrying about going off the end of runways, and not having anyway to stop my aircraft.




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I checked the FS9 Settings, and the . key is assigned to the breaks. I tested it out again and the . key now just doesn't work I guess. I changed it to the "delete" key, and now that works. I'm just curious as to why the . key doesn't work anymore.


Take a look through all of your button assignments. The possibility of a download or addon may have caused a change. You may have more than 1 thing assigned to the . key causing the BRAKES to be broke. I guess that's the breaks!(sort of like "That's how the cookie crumbles!" or getting bad breaks in life)

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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