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quick DXTBmp question anyone?


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Gang, I've been researching how to get rid of shine/reflection on an aircraft texture using DXTBmp. There's an engine I'm working on and I want to reduce shine. If I just paint over it, the shine comes through the pain. The research has turned up some really deep technical stuff. I'm a pretty good painter but I don't understand it. Does anyone have a quick tip.
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First thing is to put the existing DXT'ed .bmp back into DXTbmp & then re-save without an alpha layer.

Not sure if one can add a 'reversed' alpha layer - will depend on whether its for FS9 or FSX as the alpha colour is opposite to each other!!!

Beyond that its probably in the gmax/FSDS pre .mdl model & I think you will need that from the originator.

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