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Parking Positions


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Hi all,




Everything was working fine up until now. So I just downloaded Taxi2Gate KSEA and FlyTampa KBOS. They both look phenomenal. So before I installed. I would load up a flight plan. Select which gate I wanted (using P3D default airports). Then go from there. Now I'm encountering the issue of aircraft parking on startup. When I load up a flight and pick a gate it loads up and places me on the wrong parking position. I'm guessing this has something to do with the airports I installed. I was using the default airports prior before upgrading with no issue at all. Is there a fix to this? Also other gates seem to appear on my Chaseplane Static Camera (using FlyTampa KBOS) which don't show up on the P3D menu. Also, I have FlyTampa KBOS first on the scenery library list as well. Not sure if I have to do anything else? Anyone know or have had this issue before? I know this is under the FSX forums but I'm sure someone is familiar with this problem.


Thanks guys

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