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Can Lessons be imported so I can use my own plane?


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There are some great lessons in FSX. The only issue I am running into is the lessons are using different planes. I am exclusively using my ata cessna 172 as that is what I expect to fly once this is all complete. I wish In from within the lesson you could choose your plane, instead of the other planes they give you.


For instance, landing my plane. Why would I want to use other planes, when I need the experience using my own plane?


Does anyone know if there are lessons we can import and select your own plane for practice purposes?


Thanks in advance



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I don't know if Microsoft Flight is set up similar to FSX but if you go into the Lessons folder and choose whichever lessonX.flt and open with notepad, you can choose whatever aircraft to fly the lesson with.


This screenshot shows which aircraft is used in the lesson.



Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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Well what I did notice was this. I went into the lesson 1.flt changed the airplane to cessna skyhawk saved it and no change. I then did the same to lesson 2 and no change, but I went into the Alt + Aircraft, and the "Select Aircraft" is available. I havnt checked them all, but it seems that I now have the "Select Aircraft" Available and can select my plane fom the list. Now im confused! I still cant do it on lesson 1 but the rest it appears I can select my own airplane. On lesson 1 I cant but the rest I can. Hey whatever, its working. Wondering if it was always like this. Lesson 1 wont allow changing the aircraft and the rest do. Shows how aware I am! Maybe someone can check and verify? Was it the change in the .flt file that now allows us to select the airplane, or was it always like this and I never checked 2 through the rest? lol Anyway thanks, its working no matter. You can use your own plane isn the lessons. Thanks much! Tec
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