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Invisible Building in FSX


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Warning! This is a minor rant, I don’t expect any answer. I am having a ball flying my A2A Cherokee cross country, and trying to go pretty much “by the book”. I made a fairly decent landing at KRYN yesterday and was taxing to a parking spot in front of a hangar. Taxiways are a little confusing at KRYN and when I went around the ramp from the side the buildings disappeared. Continuing forward however, I crashed into an invisible building! Bummer! Had to “fix” with a complete overhaul. :rolleyes:


FWIW I recently downloaded Little Navmap that I read about on this forum. I used Little Navmap to create my flight plan and also follow progress. What a wonderful program, easy to use, and seems to work very well. I highly recommend it. I have it on a laptop networked to my sim.

i7 975 @ 4.0,NH-D14, ASUS P6T Deluxe V2, Win 7 64bit, 12GB, GTX570, Crucial SSD 1TB, WD 300 GB VRAP, WD 2TB, Antec 1200 tower,FSX Gold, FSUIPC, UTX, GEX, Simplugins

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Gene - Sounds like you have ventured out to learn what the rest of the country looks like! I, too, have done that! I not only printed all my flight plans as I went, I also took a year old road Atlas and began to high light the airports that I had flown in and out of. I also, used the high lighter to show routes for an area (smaller circular area which included several airports), that I can fly when my time was limited.


Enjoy your flights, it is a great way to learn more about our great country! Try up the west coast, to include California, Oregon and Washington! Very scenic and mountainous, depending on how far inland you chose to make your route.


Rick :cool:

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