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How I can change an airport heading and location on P3D V4?


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Hi, I need to know how I can edit and change the runway heading in a default P3D scenery.


Example: Rio Amazonas Airport SESM 12/30 the hdg of rwy 30 in p3d is 310 but in the charts shows 303 and the runway isn´t aligned with the true location and are imposible to make an aproach because the rwy shows to the left.


I try fix this with ADE but I dont know how to use it. Help me please!

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Yes, ADE will let you change this.


Or 'Airport Inspector/Editor' - I find this one easier to use



BUT, you will need to take some time to read the manual


Remember you don't have to change the number, you will also need to change the very many other features - magnetic variation; the supporting navdata; instrument approaches; all VRPS's; Update of world's airspace: controlled (Class A-G, CTR, CTA, TMA, Radar, ATZ, Airways sectors); and restricted ( including among them MATZ sectors).


Not to forget all the addon databases, such as all of the above.


Still want to change this `simple` thing? Then FSAerodata is the place to start https://www.fsaerodata.com/

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