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Help (again)!


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So after a week of travel I opened X Plane and got a software update notice recommending I download it so I did. Then turned on the sim and started a flight in the Vision Jet. Immediately noticed a dramatic change in al,ost all functions. Very jerky scenary movement and toggle movement. Takeoff role was like going from movie frame to movie frame. I turned the computer off and restarted....no joy. I then deleted two planes I added a week ago that flew similarly......thinking that by downloading them I affected all others......still no joy.

Was it the software upgrade? Any ideas? Thanks as usual.

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Hi Willie.

It is Not a typical problem, as you describe it, or at least I did not experience it, others did.

A couple of item you may mant to post for better help:

What system, PC, Mac, Win, UNix, CPU speed Video card, RAM, Hard disk, XP11 Settings.. you have?

What version did you upgrade from>to?

Now, just a shot in the dark, what I was able to get from others with similar issues:

Save your Preferences Directory / Folder ...\X-Plane 11\Output\preferences, and ...\X-Plane 11\Resources\shaders and Restart XP, you will need to redo your settings.

If you are not sure what you had previously I suggest to first Start XP11 go Settings>Joystick / Controllers and take some pics of the screens (Shft+Spacebar+), and or write them down.. to make them easier to reset.

Set your Graphics to 2XAA, and everything else no higher than High, No clouds, and Objects Mid.

Select the C172 G1000 and fly.

If you still have issues, Reset / Delete Shaders?, and repeat.

Can take a while, but it's the only thing that I've seen posted that may work. For me Xp1120, they are now at 1130r3, works best, everything after that was a loss in performance, Sky textures, Object / Ortho / Mesh.. you name it and it was worse. The only improvement was in the G1000 MFD, right screen, that has the water / land depicted with different color.

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Hey Flytv,

I found a section in the settings that deals with my stuttering issues. It says I may have a rendering issue (frames/sec). My computer is a high powered DELL 8930 with more than enough muscle. I am going through the graphics and other sections to make tiny adjustments and then seeing what, if any, correction it makes. Strange that this suddenly appeared after the software update. Thanks for the detailed advice. I will have more time to devote tomorrow and will revert.



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Hi Warren.

OK, let us know if you find a setting that works / you are satsified with?

I have a desktop with Intel 4.5GHz, 16GB RAM, 1080GTX and using the settings above, I at times still see the FPS in the low 20s.

When it gets that low, below 20, the actual real time expands, slows down if you will, a feature? to allow the user to get a smooth / fluent feel.

In most cases that is not an issue but if you practice something in real time, like an approach, that can affect your time. Most people don't really pay that much attention to it, but as a CFI, following the rules it can be an issue.

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I made several setting adjustments in the graphics menu using the slider bars. I also clicked the box to show my FPS on the monitor as I fly. It took a while with trial and error but I think I found the sweet spot that keeps the FPS acceptable. The exception was when I customized the weather to me IMC with thunderstorms......the FPS went down to 9 and I actually got a warning message on my screen. However I did not notice any degradation of quality. But I did not shoot a precision approach as the ceiling was 800 feet.
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