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Best (And flyable) Single Engine?


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Can anyone refer me to a single engine airplane for X-Plane 11, Freeware, Payware, Ransom Your Grandson Ware or any other Ware that is flyable and that will taxi and accelerate without veering off of the runway and so on? I really want to like X-Plane 11, as it seems like the future of our hobby, but my frustration level is rising...Surely someone has produced an aircraft that will perform normally in the simulator? Yes, I know some torque is normal and expected; So call me unrealistic...I want to enjoy my time flying and not spend that time trying to overcome an inherent problem in the program...(I know this will probably bring out the defenders of the extreme torque, but That is not the purpose of this post...I just want to fly! Thanks for any advice!
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Hi LT.

Ground handling in XP has always been a problem, it got better at the later versions o f 10, and got worse again in 11. I am not sure if any of those people involved in developing have ever flown a light GA, and there seems to be some CFI that has a long list of self qualifications, that says he is part of the team, and apparently he never experienced a light GA.

It is my opinion that XP will never have a light GA that will handle properly during Taxi, especially in Xwind.

That said, there is one light acft Robin "DR401" that does a little better than the C172, there was / is a "Cessna 162 Skycatcher_1_5" and a "RemosGX-v51" that may still be a bit easier to handle.

The next thing would be the Lancair Legacy FG v11, Cirrus, King air, the heavier the more stable..., or you can use Plane Maker and change some parameter, do a search for flytv1 in this forum, and read some of the mods I tried to improve it to some extent, but it will never be like in a real acft.

Post here if you need more help, but without a Rudder control it's going to be very difficult / next to impossible, to use XP11.

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