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Symbolic Links Question


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I have been trying to figure out the symbolic link thing...I have created the link for my Orbx scenery and FSX-SE, but I understood that the Orbx directory in the FSX-SE root directory © should contain 0 bytes...Mine has not changed and still contains the full load of scenery...So does the link in the symbolic directory (G)...If I try to delete the files in the Orbx root folder, the symbolic ones disappear also...So, I don't seem to be saving any space on the root drive...Any
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Hi LT.

I posted some info in XPlane forum a while bac, search for flytv1, but the Symbolic links will make the system think, and behave, as if there is only one file / directory. Before you delete anything go to the Directory where your originals are, the files you want to keep and rename them, after that you should be able to delete the files in the unwanted Directory. Be very careful not to delete your originals.

OK, below is the post for you to read.


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In case it's not quite clear... using a symbolic link makes the remote (actual) storage appear to be where the link is - it's like looking through a 'wormhole'; it LOOKS like, and behaves like it's there when it's actually somewhere else. The word used is "Transparency": when you look at the link, you see past it to the 'other' location. Whether you look at the link or look at the remote location, you see the same thing because you are looking at the same thing. There's only one copy of those files. Anything you delete is gone from (what appears to be) "both". There can be only ONE...


If this is not a sufficient explanation, just treat it as a Windows "mystery" :)



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