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Aircraft.cfg question


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I have a backup solution that uses FreeFileSync to backup my entire FSX directory every time the computer is booted. It only backs up the files and folder changes. The stuff that is out of date or what ever I guess gets tossed into the trash can. When I look in the trash can I see an aircraft.cfg file all the time belonging to a B1900C. I compared that file with any updated file and I see no differences. Obviously the Sim is using that file somehow and it must get changed for what ever reason prompting FreeFileSync to discard the old. This is an AI plane. I don't get what the Sim is doing with this file. Any guesses?
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Yeah, still investigating. The recycle bin doesn't say where the file originally came from when you right click the file and select properties of that deleted file. It does show the path on the bottom, but it's cut off and hard to read. Microsoft and their infinite wisdom.


I'll look more at that this tonight.

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Upon further investigation I discovered a recycle bin tmp folder in my second drive (G) where my FSX backup is at. But it's still strange that this and other aircraft.cfg files are placed there. They don't disappear from the aircraft folder, but it's like the Sim uses them in some fashion and they change causing them to be discarded as not in sync with the main FSX install.
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My guess would be a read/write permissions issue, or these .cfg files could be read-only? Might be worth checking the affected .cfg files properties.

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I know that when I open the sim with an aircraft.cfg open in Notepad++ I get a warning in Notepad++ that the file has been changed and asks if I want to open the file with the changes.


I have looked a few times and never determined what was changed in the aircraft.cfg.


I suspect the the file properties get changed when the sim accesses the .cfg file and that is what triggers the warning. A change in the file properties, not the file content.


Either way, nothing to worry about. As stated the working.cfg stays put.


Chock it up to one of life's little mysteries and move on.



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