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seeking beta testers using FSX and FSX SE...

Clutch Cargo

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Hey all you FSX'ers, I am seeking beta testers for some new scenery we are developing. If interested in finding out more check out my post titled 'Introducing simwestFOTOREAL' found in the MSFS Commercial Developers Screen Shots forum. I need you guys to give it a good going over!





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Can you post a link to this page? I don't see it.




Found it and email sent. Looks nice! I'd love a better San Diego.



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Thought I would give this a little bump (it's been around a month sine I posted this), as I lost a couple of FSX beta testers. If beta testing sounds interesting to you and have a good running FSX or FSX Steam Edition setup (does not have to be high end but should be able to run FSX / FSX:SE on its own with good performance), then give us a hollar.


Link to see just what we are testing...




Happy New Year,



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