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gtx 770 problem ,new gpu for p3d


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i have the 770 gpu but it does not give a signal on start up

when i start my pc the cpu fan works fast and no signal . it freezes.

without the card the pc works normally.

maybe you know what is the problem.

so i want to buy 2070.

how is it with the p3d?

also with the fsx.


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Do you mean that the pc starts, runs, but shows nothing on the screen? (just stays black?)


if so, the pc is sending signal from onboard graphics. And monitor is not connected to that.


To change,

shut down pc,

connect monitor to onboard,

start and in to bios,

set bios setting:

"Init Display First" --to-- "PEG".

(that makes it load to graphics card. (PEG = Pci Express Graphics)).

Save bios setting.

To test that it works, reboot without changing the monitor connection. The screen should stay black. (as internal graphics is now not used.).


Next shut down the pc.

Connect monitor cable to graphics card.


Display should now no longer stay black when pc is running.

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