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Newbie to FSX and Forum needs help with flight controls keyboard keys.

KrayCott AirCo

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Turn "Num Lock" on or of with the Num Lock -key. (usually above the 7 key of the Numpad).


(I say on or off, as I never know what my numlock key is doing.;)

On my old keyboard it had a small light to indicate that. But not on the wireless keyboard I have at the moment.)


Happy flights!:D




A joystick does make things a lot easier. I use the Logitech 3D pro joystick. Not that expensive and does a lot.

It can control elevator, ailerons and rudder with the stick. (forward-back, left-right, and twisting the stick) Plus it has 10 buttons you can assign yourself to things like showing a popup panel, or the ATC menu, or maybe AP-disconnect, rudder trim, etc.

It has a "trigger button" that I have assigned to the brakes.


Also, on top of the stick is a small "mini stick" that can be moved with the thumb to change the view

direction. Makes it much easier to look around and get your bearings.

There's a throttle control on the base of the stick too.

I hardly have to reach for the keyboard any more.:D

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