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IFR flights from Moscow UUEE


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I have been trying to make a flightplan from UUEE to EHAM IFR High altitude but it is not possible because it tells me that i must go VOR -VOR. First i thought the problem was in the scenery but not.

to other places like LBSF or LBWN i get the same.

Is this a bug in FS9 or is it solvable?

Hope someone can help me...

Thanx in advance!


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Flight planning in Europe is much more difficult than North America.Lots of flight restrictions in various countries.

Not sure what you are using for flight planning but i use

https://www.eurofpl.eu/ , simbrief.com , http://www.autorouter.aero/


They are all free registration. They will all create a flight plan for you, but if you want to get real,than you need to have your flight plan validated with CFMU. Also free.

CFMU will let you know of issues with your flight plan and you will meed to correct it.

NOW on the other side i don't know if when flying online with VATSIM/IVAO do they care if the flight plan is validated with CFMU or not.


Hope this helps,Nebojsa

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If you are using the default flight planner the problem is that there are no airways that originate at UUEE in FS9. You can create one by manually adding waypoint TU to your flight plan (by dragging the red line to the waypoint) and then repeating that along the way to EHAM - this will generate a high altitude airways route.


Hope this helps,

Tom Gibson


CalClassic Propliner Page: http://www.calclassic.com

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