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vc toggle switch

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hello I am trying to access the page while the game is launched where you can toggle between wide virtual cockpit narrow vc and 2d if i remember correct it is an orange page does anyone know the key combination to this?i have done it in the past and it is essential to me to have a full 3d vc cockpit on cls md81.i am searching for this key comb thanks!
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You just joined so evidently you haven't got your 'FSX Commands' list yet. There is one here at FSCom library called 'fsxcmnds.zip', 1.98 mb, that prints out on one sheet of paper (really nice). EVERYTHING you want to know is there!


In the meantime try 'C' key then 'A' key for view changes. If you are in 2D hit 'A' for VC. If in 2D hit 'W' key (twice) for mini panel(s). Hope this helps. Cheers.

Chuck B


i7 2600K @ 3.4 Ghz (Turbo-Boost to 3.877 Ghz), Asus P8H67 Pro, Super Talent 8 Gb DDR3/1333 Dual Channel, XFX Radeon R7-360B 2Gb DDR5, Corsair 650 W PSU, Dell 23 in (2048x1152), Windows7 Pro 64 bit, MS Sidewinder Precision 2 Joy, Logitech K-360 wireless KB & Mouse, Targus PAUK10U USB Keypad for Throttle (F1 to F4)/Spoiler/Tailhook/Wing Fold/Pitch Trim/Parking Brake/Snap to 2D Panel/View Change. Installed on 250 Gb (D:). FS9 and FSX Acceleration (locked at 30 FPS).
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thanks for the answer but i have the key commands.what i am looking though is a key combination for a pop up page that allows you to choose from three options the two latter are wide virtual cockpit and narrow virtual cockpit (in square boxes) and the first one is 2d cockpit.it pops up and takes the whole simulator screen with CTRL or ALT plus something or a command like that mayme not CTRL/ALT but definately two keys or more.it was found some time ago in a forum about graphic cards problem as a solution to cycle through this options and worked like a charm and i cant find it anymore and it was gone from my memory too.A and S and W doesnt do the job nor F9 or F10..thanks again and i hope i ringed a bell to someone with those infos so you can help :)
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Hi Harry,


I was very confused what you mean't by popup pages (initially guessing that possibly you mean't popup menu options in the views menu or SIMICONS on the 2D IFR or normal panel or 3D VC).


Anyway a little research I found a Blog review page about the CLS MD80/81/82 http://flightreviewer.blogspot.com/2011/06/cls-md8081-f-lite-review-fsx.html


Although the pictures aren't showing on the linked page in my IE11 or Chrome browser you can still go direct by moving your mouse pointer over the placeholder on the linked page above once opened, (using IE11 or Chrome), scroll down the page until you come to the section about "The 2D Cockpit". Move your mouse pointer over the white area above the picture placeholder titled "The Captains View from the 2D Cockpit" until it turns into a hand symbol. Click while hand is visible you will be taken to a picture of the 2D Cockpit, this is where it gets interesting, since I don't have this aircraft, I thought the answer would be something along the lines of SIMICONS, although I had no direct knowledge if it was correct so refrained from posting until seeing this blog, and hey presto it indeed is the answer.

SIMICONS are enabled and viewed most commonly on the 2D panel or screen, they can be enabled from the FSX Banner Menu > "Views - Instrument Panel" for the 3D VC & 2D panel if not already enabled. ( check also that the SIMICONS aren't displaying off screen if you use a Multi-monitor setup, switch to single screen and try FSX in windowed mode if this happens move the icons back to the view area of your screen) In your case they should show vertically in the top left of your screen. From there you could select any number of view and some instrument options like (GPS, radiostack, map wether, FMS, kneeboard etc...etc...) my guess is that selecting the VC (normal VC) or WVC (Wide VC) button you will have the choice of view modes mentioned in your opening post.


Caveat: if you switch views with the keyboard key "S" to change to a outside view the SIMICONS may disappear from the screen, you must re-enable them from the Views > Instrument Panel - menu when in Cockpit or for external views where you may wish to have an instrument window from the SIMICONS list in that particular view.


Click this link for the CLS MD80 2D Cockpit picture http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-Uo7uJ9vl3Cc/TgtUpi-nJlI/AAAAAAAAABc/QcJ_nYwFPPg/s1600/2011-6-29_17-34-40-412.BMP



Incidently: I have a FS2004 Piper Dakota operating in FSX with the same type of SIMICON display strip, It happily moves around the open screen wherever & whenever it is needed.


Cheers Jethro

Edited by jethrom
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Jethro thank you very much!!indeed the answer lies with simicon!solution solved switching when the game starts by changing the view from virtual cockpit to cockpit and then voila the screen that you can select the panel pops up!it has the simicon displayed on the left side but the cockpit is correctly displayed!


Thanks everyone again

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