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South American Dakotas


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cruising over the South American jungle can get a bit boring, so I started exploring the different South American paintjobs I had..

off we go with a Bolivian C-47



not sure why, but I really like this paintjob



then there was this Colombian:



I painted it after seeing this




Next I found this Brazilian Air Force C-47:





staying with military paintjobs I continued with a Super DC-3 of the Colombian Air Force



oddly enough, this aircraft was later impounded in the US fro drug running



and finally back to Bolivia, with this beautiful C-117 of Canedo Airlines



The aircraft is for sale at the moment, so if you have $250,000 collecting dust somewhere, go here.



I hope you liked my little collection.

Slapping paint on flightsim models

you'll find all my FSX/P3D repaints here and all my MSFS repaints here.

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Great series!

I had seen a TV documentary some while ago, about Colombia, I think, and they were still flying DCs for passengers transport!

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Nice post Jan. Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed the movie. The movie I thought was very educational. It is amazing what people can do with what little they have.

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