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SID question

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The picture you show isn't part of a SID or Star, but rather is the approach minima from an approach plate. Category A, B, C, D represent aircraft of different performance characteristics (speed on approach). The LNAV MDA line is the Minimum Descent Altitude for each category (760-1 being 760 feet MSL and 1 mile visibility), with 749 being 749 feet AGL (it appears the airport is next to the ocean). The CIRCLING line means the minima for a circling approach and while cat A (slowest approach speed) is the same as MDA, the other categories are higher.


NoPT means No Procedure Turn is authorized.


In a set of approach plates (usually includes SIDs and STARs) there is also a legend you can use to answer most questions like this. Note that the layout, and some symbology, may be different between NOAA charts and Jepp charts.


This FAA page lets you access many FAA publications, including the Instrument Flying Handbook which has all the above and much more.


Larry N.

As Skylab would say:

Remember: Aviation is NOT an exact Science!

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