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Project Airbus A320 VC Erratically Disappearing


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I just recently started flying the Project Airbus A320 today and right off the bat the VC randomly disappeared. It was working when I started it up. However once I had entered the exterior view and switched back to the Virtual Cockpit view, the whole cockpit had disappeared for about 3 seconds and then it came back. It did this a few more times until it eventually it decided to not show up at all unless if I looked far down or to the left and right. Does anyone know what this issue is and if there is a fix to it? Thank You!



Cheers, Cameron

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Seems to be a poorly developed aircraft. Where did you find it? What site and file name or link? I have seen posts in the past that describe vanishing sections of VC when panning inside the cockpit.

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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