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Placing Static Aircraft


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I expect a lot of you already know this but the other day I was experimenting with TTools and wondered if I could have a weekly plan but just for the day.

What I mean is set the plan for example to start on Sunday, have an aircraft fly from A-B then return but don't continue the plan to run on other days just leave it set for Sunday.

Any it worked, the aircraft left on Sunday and returned, so I checked on Monday onwards and sure enough the aircraft was just sat there waiting for Sunday to arrive.


The reason I say this is I have seen many posts where people have had flightplans with TnG's every night just to have static AC where as this way it is one flight set for whatever time you desire that will last all week for the same effect.


Having said that I know the aim of an airline is to keep aircraft flying rather than sat at airports but talking to a friend of mine he said he has seen many GA sat at his local airport for weeks on end plus when I worked at an airport there was from time to time aircraft sat for long periods, either waiting for maintenance or impounded or whatever.

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This sort of thing will do the trick nicely - set the times for a time of day when you are never there and it will do just one circuit of the airport. (FPs require two legs but the second will not happen owing to late arrival of the first one):




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