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EVGA GTX 580 Classified Ultra Fan

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I have an EVGA GTX 580 Classified Ultra 3 Gb. card with a single fan. The fan has stopped working. It is free to rotate without power. I have tried getting it to spin with power on with no success. Is there any easy way to determine if it is the fan and not the fan controller. I have the Precision X software and set it to 100% but the fan will not spin even at high temperatures. Does anyone know the fan size? I have seen 65 mm and 80 mm. Would it be better to replace the fan or to get a replacement fan type.cooler?


If anyone has a recommendation for a fan type cooler I'd sure appreciate it.


Thanks, Bob.

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I never really thought about measuring a fan size, but it seems pretty simple to me. Stick a ruler across it. Even without a metric, you can convert fairly easily. Just type "Inches to millimeters" in Google (no quotes!), and you'll get conversion calculators out the yin-yang. It may be measured either across the blades, down a side, which should all be the same, or diagonally. Either way, you'll wind up real close to the 65 or 80 measure.

Then go to a computer store, on-line or in person (GASP!) and ask them for one. Places like NewEgg are real good and inexpensive. Not cheap, that indicates quality, but inexpensive, which is price.


You ARE sure the fan won't turn because it's failed, not because it's dirty, I hope...


Then, making sure you keep contact with the metal parts of the computer, just pull the card, and lay it on a non-conductive surface. Wood, formica, like that. Fans are usually held on with 2 or 4 screws at the corners, generally Phillips. Uncrew and unplug the old one, screw on and plug the new one in and put the card back in the PC, again making sure you touch a metal part of it before letting the card touch anything. Prevents static discharge, which can kill a computer. They're not as "static-delicate" as they used to be, but still, why take a chance.


About a 10-minute job, and the on-line stores usually get things like fans to you in a day or two. I bought 3 fans the last time I needed one (they're inexpensive, remember?), so I have a couple spares laying around waiting for the next failure. No delays with waiting for one to get delivered. THEN I order a replacement, once the system is operative.


Have fun!



Had a thought...then there was the smell of something burning, and sparks, and then a big fire, and then the lights went out! I guess I better not do that again!

Sgt, USMC, 10 years proud service, Inactive reserve now :D

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Thanks Pat.

I do know how to measure and change inches to mm. I am a retired aerospace with 49 years experience and a ham radio operator that has built my own amplifiers and done the installation in my car. I am handicapped now and in no shape to do all this unless I know exactly what the problem is and get the required parts before I am able to fix it. The temp stays OK until I put a high load on it. I don't want to be down for a long time.The fan turns easily with no power. It does not even cog when power is applied as far as I can see with a mirror.


The computer, and cabling, is in a hard place to get to and remove. The EVGA GTX 580 fan is built into the cooling unit as far as I can see by watching the videos and cannot be removed externally. You have to remove 20 screws and split the cooling unit from the card to get at it.


I am still trying to find a way to determine if the controller is bad or the fan.


Thanks for all your suggestions. Bob.

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Yes but it is well passed the warranty. Thanks, Bob.


While it may be out of warranty, they may still be able to help. People have got spare parts from them before, even after the warranty is up (might involve a nominal charge).


I have also found spare fans for GPUs on eBay before. Swapping them out, even if they are integrated into the heatsink, wasn't difficult.


And another option is to replace the entire cooling unit. Arctic Cooling may have one that works. Although you would need to weigh the cost of replacing the heatsink with buying a new GPU with similar performance.



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