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Delta is where you are...

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Is that a 757?


Only flown Delta once in my life. Wasn't bad I guess. I found it interesting is that I recognized a flight attendant that was on my Delta flight about 6 months latter when I came back to Denver on United in the airport.


What I like about United is that it's channel 7 or 8 where you can hear the Coms from the cockpit. I could pull out the scanner, but people look at you wired when you do that. When I was at DIA once listing to tower I had security eyeballing me. LOL This was even prior to 9/11.


I have a Delta Salt Lake City Winter Olympics colors CRJ model on my desk. I just had to have it since I lived in Utah for a year and three months just prior to the 2002 Winter games there. SLC is Delta's hub.


Then as luck would have it, living here in Colorado the torch came down the street just down the ways from where I lived and I still have my Winter Olympics pennant they gave out. In fact, I have three of them, and they sit among several historical newspapers I have collected over the years. One being a special edition paper that came out on the day of 9/11.

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