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Two of my favorites, just to get out and fly anywhere!

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This gentle bird would spoil you! Come on, Gerard, get your Stearman out, not that cold out, yet!




And this "Gentle Ben" kind of guy, what can I say that hasn't been said already! One of the best planes in history! JMHO!




Days almost done. Got to get that Gerard out to smell some fresh air, right Gerard?


And, Jan, I know the water looks inviting, but not today, not with my plane!


Rick :cool:

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Stearman is also fine with those colors. Don't know whether I will have time to fly mine in the next days, because I'm busy with that story of my new 737-600. Will try!
Gérard Guichard, Dijon, Burgundy, France. i5 Intel processor, 4 Go of Ram, Nvidia GeForce 920MX, DirectX 12.0, and FSX Gold Edition with SP1, SP2. My personal flightsim website is at http://flightlessons.6te.net
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Rick, I think it's the LR DC-3....:o


Jan - Remember, that is the C-47 with the Long Range Tank conversion, c47_5tk.zip. I especially liked this download, because of the beautiful bare metal appearance that it offered. And it does fly so well also!


Thanks for commenting - Rick

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