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FSX Controls Lag


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Hi. I've been experiencing some wild control lag in fsx. Not actual game lag just controls. When I press the ascend button, it takes about 2 seconds to actually do that. its really annoying!!!:mad::mad::mad: How do i fix? I've really given up hope. its been like this since 2014. I'll do ANYTHING to get it working again. Thanks in advance.
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When I press the ascend button, it takes about 2 seconds to actually do that.


What is an "ascend button"? Is it on the autopilot, or what? What aircraft? All, or certain specific ones? Do you have that lag in your elevator, aileron and rudder controls? Are your graphics settings such as to get at least 20 fps, or are you getting very low frame rates and stuttering when this happens?


Larry N.

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DC9 vs A320.jpg


I think he's talking about the "Up" button on the A320.


On a more serious note, flying airplanes with arrow keys are incredibly unrealistic. I recommend using the FSX mouse yoke at the most basic, but getting a dedicated joystick/yoke system should be much better for your flying experience.


Using the keyboard to fly also poses big issues (or so called "lag") when you're trying to fly larger, heavier aircraft with less instantaneous control feedback. Press the left aileron key on a Skyhawk and it'll roll alright, but if you're trying to do this in a 737, good luck.


I hope you know the fundamental basics of flight (up doesn't always mean "up") so that you're not confusing low airspeed or nose-heaviness, for example, for the airplane not being able to pitch up as easily.


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