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newbee trying to find base file


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hi, i am new to computer sim flying but have flown all my life as a pilot, looking for a base file for the convair 580 all i see is livery, none of the file info says anything about the complete file to add to FSX. thanks...eb
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There's a couple of ways to go about this. Usually if a base file is required and we have it in the FlightSim.Com file library you'll see the file name referenced in the description. If we don't have it here you will usually have to read the docs for the repaint you are interested in. You can do that right here by using our "View" function which is available for any file you find in our library. Click on "view" and you can then see what is inside the zip file. If there is a text file you can click on it and read it right there, without having to download. Your answer should be there.


I'll admit some authors are better at this than others and sometimes the source of the base file is difficult or impossible to find but usually if you look you can find it.

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In the file Library.


FSX - FSX Turboprops FSX SP2 Convair 580

[ Download | View ]

Name: cccv580fsxsp2.zip

Size: 42,698,650 Date: 02-10-2011 Downloads: 3,516



fcq1.gif FSX SP2 Convair 580. FSX native conversion and enhancement of CalClassic's Convair 580. Made for FSX SP2/Acceleration only. Includes freighter, air tanker, high density seating and standard models, as well as a panel, sound set and paint kit. Comes with one repaint for the high density model and generic metallic textures for the rest. Original aircraft by Greg Pepper and the CalClassic team; FSX conversion and enhancements by Bjoern Kesten.

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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