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My FSX has changed slightly.


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I left FSX for a while and went on X-Plane 11, came back to it yesterday and the screen was jerky, I found a setting through searching to add a line the FSX.cfg, that didn't cure it.

Also I have a program that lets me follow the AI aircraft, it worked perfect before but yesterday it threw up a few glitches, so just by chance I tried the old Traffic View Board that is really for FS9, well before that worked in a fashion but the text was gobbledygook, yesterday it was perfect, plus the program worked perfect.


I've not made any changes to FSX, I did read of letting FSX create a new CFG, last time I did that I had to go in a do lots of changes to the setup to get it to look right so I hung back from that for now.


Any ideas please?



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Welp, you did something and something has obviously changed. Try this. Download and install DiffMerge. https://sourcegear.com/diffmerge/downloads.php


Now copy and paste your current FSX.cfg to the desktop in a new folder. Call it Original.


Now delete the current FSX.cfg file.


Run the Sim. And by that I mean go to an airport. Exit game.


Take the newly rebuilt FSX.cfg and copy it to another folder on your desktop called New.


Right click the folder named original and open with Diffmerge. Then compare it with the new folder.



Note any differences and post here. Differences will be shaded.


I use DiffMerge all the time to compare and contrast PHP scripts. I used to use Winmerge, but it was giving me trouble. You could use that, too.

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Thanks again CRJ, that worked, I had to pass a few things over from old to new.

I'm not sure but I had a program AiTrackerX to monitor and follow any ai aircraft, I took it off the sim and it ran smooth, not sure why it glitched though it worked OK before.


Another strange thing has me baffled though, Traffic View Board is working great, the text displaying no problem on the screen, tracked the ai all the way including ATC radio contact.



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So I was curious to know what lines in FSX.cfg were missing?


If AiTrackerX isn't working I can only imagine it's due to a module or its install. If the module is an .exe type, it will be listed in the exe.xml file where FSX.cfg sits. If it's a dll module, it will be in dll.xml.


I make copies of dll.xml, exe.xml and FSX.cfg as well as my flight controls config file (name escapes me atm) and my rewards and logbook. I also have a method to backup my Sim I posted about on my site. Plus, I clone my entire computer every so often so there's that backup. Of course I use full disk encryption as well and the clones are also encrypted. LOL! I'm a dork, I know.




I used Traffic View Board in FS2004, and if I can remember right, it's only an invisible aircraft. I don't know if it uses a module or not. I liked detaching from following an AI and landing traffic view board on a runway. LOL


Edit 2-


Ah! Looking at Traffic View Board, it does in fact use a module called TrafficInfo.DLL. So I can only imagine AiTrackerX uses a module as well.

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Yes AiTracker does use a module plus it is like an invisible AC, I also found out why the TVB was working well in FSX, it was my goof.

I installed a traffic file and course I used TVB to track these new aircraft, then I used it to track another and it wasn't showing, then after a bit I realised my mistake, the new traffic file was for FS9.

After I converted it the TVB went back to gobbledygook again.


Anyway after I got things back to what they should be the sim is running OK again.

I've not been on FSX for a while, like I said earlier I went on X-Plane, one of the things with XP is I installed a traffic program for ai aircraft but it only allows you to follow part way, it's a lot different to FS and I'm still trying to get my head round a lot of it.



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